Food glorious Food!

We pride ourselves on providing delicious meals at Shivapuri Heights Cottage and our Chef JB and our Manager Ramita will provide you with the best home-cooked meals in Nepal.

We don’t have a menu available at the Cottage and meals are left to the the discretion of our chef, depending on what produce is available on the day. ┬áMeals are generally taken “family-style”.

Meal times at Shivapuri Heights Cottage can be fun with guests of different Nationalities sitting together and sharing their travel stories. Or perhaps you would prefer a more intimate dinner on your terrace for a special occasion?

Enjoy a delicious traditional Nepalese Dhal Bhat for dinner or savoury crepes for lunch or perhaps you would prefer some grilled salmon?

Enjoy fresh salads straight from the garden and other organically grown produce.