The Steps !

The Cottages are perched on a hillside looking down into the Kathmandu Valley and provide stunning views of the valley below and surrounding countryside.

Situated at an altitude of around 6,000 feet and located on the edge of the protected Shivapuri National Park it provides clean air and an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu without having to travel too far.

Taxis can reach the general area where we are located and then the final approach to the Cottage is up a steep off-road track where a 4WD is normally required to the foot of the hill. From there it is a short 2-3 minute uphill walk and our staff will assist with your luggage.

With prior notice we can arrange reasonably priced transport from the airport or another hotel. Our 4WD drive vehicle will bring you directly to the foot of the hill where the Cottage is located.  See more details.

If coming by taxi please ask for the Hari Krishna Centre (also known as ISKON) located near to Budhanilkantha (also known as Narayanthan). A taxi may not be able to come up the hill and from the Hari Krishna Temple it is a 10-15 minute uphill walk. Follow the signs or call us for directions. It is also helpful if you call in advance to let us know an approximate arrival time and if you require lunch to be prepared.

Important arrival information update (April 2022) : The last bit of our access road is more of a “track” and care should be taken when driving this portion.

There is limited parking available at the final “gumti” (turning point) and we request you to park thoughtfully.  Parking is at your own risk.

You still have to walk up 176 steps to reach our main Jasmine House  and please do call Ramita at the Cottage if you need help with your luggage etc.  We suggest/request that you travel light.  Guests requiring luggage to be carried will be charged @ Rs 200.00 per piece.